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Winter is coming, don’t be caught out!!

For just £25.53+VAT, we will take your car through a 24 point check which covers brakes,

 wipers and tyres to name a few and get a detailed report.

A quote will be given before any work is carried out.


Just Look at what is included for £30!

  1. Check engine oil level
  2. Check coolant level
  3. Check screen wash fluid level
  4. Check power steering fluid level
  5. Check battery security & level
  6. Check brake fluid level
  7. Check clutch fluid level
  8. Check all wiper blades for security / condition
  9. Check / adjust all tyre pressures including spare
  10. Check tyres for condition / damage
  11. Check operation of all external lights
  12. Check all glass and mirrors for cracks / chips
  13. Check coolant anti-freeze strength
  14. Check radiator & coolant hoses for condition / security / leaks
  15. Check fan / alternator & PAS belts for condition / security / adjustment
  16. Check exhaust system for condition / security
  17. Check condition of brake pads & discs
  18. Check brake hoses for condition / security / leaks
  19. Check handbrake operation / adjustment
  20. Check all internal instruments & controls for operation
  21. Check steering for condition / security / leaks
  22. Check suspension for condition / security
  23. Check shock absorbers for condition / security / leaks
  24. Check operation of washer jets – adjust as required

Winter Check only £30

Special-MOT and Oil Change Service price from £99 plus the VAT.