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Car Servicing at ABs MOTs:

We can service any make or model, age of car, and offer the following:

  • Local drop off and pick up. (Lift to railway footbridge)
  • Drop off vehicle night before if required.
  • We work off Autodata Service Schedule, and can therefore offer you a fixed price service, mileage or annually based.
  • Snap on, Delphi, VCDS & Launch Diagnostics.
  • A quote will be given before any extra work is carried out.
  • Drop your car off in the morning, and pick it up in the evening. (save a days parking fee).
  • 10 minutes walk into the centre of Penrith.
  • Air Conditioning.
  • Re-Mapping of Engine ECU.
  • Since Block Exemption came into force we can service any vehicle whilst still under the manufacturers warranty. European Regulations have halted the practice of forcing a vehicle to be serviced through branded dealerships, you now have the right to take your car to any garage as long as:
  1. Manufacturer’s service schedules are adhered to
  2. Parts and components used are ‘original spare parts’ or ‘matching quality parts’
  3. We are VAT registered

For more information on ‘block exemption’ click here

Call Mary-Anne or Andrew 01768 867513